The Italian Region of the Marches, northeast of Rome, is the place of origin of two generations of women, Cristina and Caterina, in charge of operations at the “Al Ceppo” restaurant since 43 years. The restaurant is located in the heart of Rome's Parioli neighborhood.
The furnishings have been discreetly renovated, maintaining the historical authenticity so dear to its patrons. The paintings depicting female figures and the floral compositions are perfectly matched with a bar area richly stocked with the finest wines selections. But the embellished old style grill is the true protagonist. Since its inception Al Ceppo has always been a favored venue for business appointments, as well as a place where the entertainment world - that matters - convenes to celebrate success. Yet for those more intimately acquainted, it remains a warm, refined and pleasant ambience, a family dining room.
Al Ceppo is a restaurant for all days and all seasons that now features in its bar area a petit menu of fast offerings, composed of a wide and tasty assortment of memorable dishes to be savored with a good glass or two of wine from our select "open tasting" list.
Supervised by Cristina, the menu springs from the creative genius of a team of young Chefs, and is printed on a day-by-day basis according to the quality and freshness of the goods found at the early morning market. The meats and fish, always expertly prepared at the grill, are complemented by the inventive dishes from the kitchen. And closing the taste parade, are the luscious desserts, always a thoroughly gratifying surprise.

Be sure to consult Caterina's wine list. For those in the know, it will surely make for excellent reading, and for those still learning, taking advice will never be so pleasant and rewarding.

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